May 10, 2012
hi friend ,
i have asus 560ti graphic i play AC Revalations in full setting in 1080p it does not give more graphics it look like poster.but when i am saw this game on console it look better than pc so my que is is it my graphic card problem or the pc version of AC have inbuilt low graphics.
nope ac R looks way better than on console so my guess is your drivers need updating...
i recent finished it myself and can say it plays fine on my system. the 560 ti is just a little weaker than mine and i played it maxed out @1080p so you should be able to do the same...

when you install the game make sure you go into the redist folder and install the version of direct x and any other redists you find there like vcredist 2008. if your missing something from that folder then you will have gfx issues.