Question Roccat Kone XTD mouse scroll wheel speed - how do I make it faster?


Oct 27, 2018
I use the Roccat Kone XTD mouse in some games. I was trying a game out where I set the map zoom in/out to the scroll wheel up/down. However when I scroll the wheel, it hardly moves the zoom at all, and I have to scroll the wheel quite a bit to zoom in - yet when I use my Death Adder mouse the zoom is fast and zooms in quickly with minimal turns on the scroll wheel.

I have tried altering the settings in the Kone Mouse software (this mouse is not supported by Swarm). I also tried altering wheel scroll settings in windows - but no change (although it did change my death adder mouse scroll). It is the same when scrolling down web pages/text - turning wheel moves the text slow, whereas the Death Adder scrolls through lots of text, so its just not in that one game that I am having slow scroll.

Not a major issue, but a bit annoying. Any suggestions or is it just an unfeasibly slow scroll on that particular mouse?