Router and Switch Connection?


Feb 5, 2012

I am working on setting up a home network for render purposes. As of now I have a total of 5 computers, Currently 3 of them are connected to a Linksys G Router (WRT54G2). I am trying to add the additional 2 using a netgear Prosafe switch. The problem is all computers are running windows 7 and connected to a home group; however, the last 2 computers are not picking up the internet connection. Is there something I am doin wrong to make this work?

quick summary - internet connection go into the linksys router. 3 computers are hooked directly to that router. Last ethernet connection is used to connect to the netgear switch. Final 2 computers are connected to switch, but get no internet connection.

Any help would greatly appreciated. general tips, setup know how. Networking isn't really my thing, treat me like a little babe.



It sounds like you have it attached correctly. Are you using dynamically assigned addresses from the router or static addresses? Are the two additional computers configured to obtain an ip address from the router, if dynamic?

Several other things could be issues: try a different LAN port on the router end of the connection and then on the switch end, insure that the router dhcp server is on and is able to assign enough addresses, could be a bad Ethernet cable -- should be just a standard patch cable.

Has the Prosafe switch ever been used before and configured? It doesn't need to be configured to be used, but if it has been previously that could be an issue.