Router Dropping when Streaming

Oct 1, 2018
Hi! I was wondering why my internet is dropping when I stream Netflix or Twitch. So basically, my internet drops and the router drops as well (router starts to blink). It takes about a minute or two to reconnect.

I currently have a Dell XPS 13 9350 with a DW 1820a wireless card. The router that I am using is Belkin N600 DB Wireless + Router. The internet speed is fine. I have a 100mb plan, and I just got 50mb up and 80mb down on my laptop and I got 45mb up and 41mb down on my iPhone 6.

I live in an apartment so, I tried changing the wireless channel, but no good. I have read a lot that the DW 1820a is a terrible card, but I doubt it makes the router drop. I am not sure what the problem is or what my next step is without changing the router. Please let me know what I should try next!

Thanks guys!
Your first step is to test on ethernet cable so you know if the problem is wifi problem or maybe it is a issue with the router or maybe even your internet connection.

It is not uncommon for things only have problems when there is a sustained load on them.

In some ways you hope it is not just the wifi since that may not be fixable if it is due to to much competition from all your neighbors for wifi radio spectrum.

You could verify the firmware on your router but belkin is not the best at supporting their older equipment.