Review Royal Kludge RK84 Review: Lots of Features, One Serious Flaw

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Jul 30, 2021
I own both an RK84 and a Keychron K2v2 and while I do appreciate the more premium feel of the K2 (both the packaging and the key board itself), the RK84 still offers a better value by offering features that the Keychron K2 does not have:

  1. USB Passthrough: I don’t think there are any keyboards with USB passthrough that works on wireless/bluetooth mode. I am completely certain that the K2 does not have USB passthrough in any form.
  2. Software Support: I agree that the RK84 does not have the best software, but at least it has one. On the other hand, (as of the time of writing) the Keychron K2 does not have software support despite their “promise” of releasing one. Sloppy (but usable) software is still better than zero software.
Things that the Royal Kludge RK84 does better than the K2:
  1. Bigger, more legible legends on the stock keycaps
  2. Slightly better typing angle if you are comparing with K2V2. A lot better if you are comparing to K2V1.
  3. Offers 2 color options (black and white)
  4. The stock keycaps don’t accumulate oils as fast as it does on the K2. They both have ABS doubleshot keycaps but the RK84’s keycaps have a slightly rough texture that is almost similar to PBT keycaps.
Things that the K2 does better than the RK84:
  1. Better build quality.. but not by much.
  2. Comes with Gateron switches
  3. Better Mac support out of the box
  4. Has aluminum frame option for 10 bucks extra
Now, regarding the RK84 wireless dongle being a piece of <Mod Edit>… just don’t even try using it. Just go wired or use bluetooth. You will be fine. No point given to either side as both have excellent wired and Blutooth performance.

Never had issues with the USB-C connector coming loose like you did. Not sure if this is an isolated problem since I have not heard of a similar complaint from other reviews (articles and youtube).

Sorry for the long comment, but I hope this helps people get a better idea of what they are getting into.
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