Question rtx 2060 super not functioning. Help?


Jan 16, 2020
I should probably start this by saying that I am not a very tech savvy person. Please go easy on me if this is a simple solution and i'm just being dumb.
Recently I bought an rtx GeForce 2060 super as a big upgrade to my previous gtx 770. once I plugged it in everything worked great for about 5 days until I started played star wars battlefront 2, and my computer crashed. After rebooting it, I would only be able get past my boot-up page. After that, my monitor would black screen, then shortly after turn off. After that my mouse and keyboard would turn off. I had restarted it countless times, but it would never get past that. I decided to plug in my old gpu and it was back to running normally.
I decided to exchange the 2060 super for a new one because I had thought that it may be defective. After I plugged in the new one I was able to get into a game of rainbow six siege and then, yet again, computer crashes, back to square one.
Here are my other parts:
CPU: AMD FX(tm)-8120 @3422 Mhz
SSD Storage: 240GB SanDisk SDSSDA240G
OS: Windows 10 Pro x64
Motherboard: ASUSTeK ROG Crosshair V Formula
Case: Corsair large tower case
Power Supply: 720W
I had already dowloaded the most recent drivers for the graphics card, and I also replaced the fans on my case with newer ones.
I also tried plugging in the gpu to my brother's computer to see if it worked in his, but it seemed to have the same issue,
It's probably also worth mentioning that everything has been previously used.
Any and all advice I can get would be greatly appreciated.
Sep 4, 2019
If the same problem happens on another PC then the GPU is the problem. Check the fps you’re getting maybe you can change the software settings to use less FPS and it will decrease the chance for it to crash


2060 Super #1
-worked fine for a little more than a few days, then crashed in game.
-Upon restarting, the system gets past POST, but Windows fails to load
-old GTX 770 works without issue

2060 Super #2
-didn't last even a day before it too crashes in game, and is now behaving just like 2060 Super #1
-was tested in another PC where it showed the same symptoms.

Now, it'd be one hell of a coincidence to get 2x lemon 2060 Supers back-to-back, which is what has me thinking something else is the cause.
I have an idea, but there are some outliers that have me 2nd guessing myself:
-The old GTX 770 still works afterwards? Passes POST, Windows loads successfully, can complete a game without crashing?
-When you tested #2 in your bro's PC, but got the same symptoms, that makes me think the gpu got damaged while you used it, so #1 likely did as well, but there's no way to find out now...
-Does your bro's PC also run some aged hardware similar to yours - cpu, mobo, gpu, and power supply?