Question RTX 2070 Super Won't Boost, Can't Change Voltages, Poor Performance

Oct 19, 2019
Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong with my Gigabyte RTX 2070 Super Gaming OC card?

Everything was humming along nicely until about 2 days ago (card is about 3 months old). I noticed some major performance dips in benchmarks I ran (FFXV bench, 3Dmark) - like over 1000 points difference. I loaded up AORUS Engine and noticed that it no longer will allow me to adjust any voltage settings or temp/power limits. For instance the, the GPU Voltage (%) is 0, and cannot be adjusted. Clicking on the lock icon to unlock voltage adjustments does nothing. The same for Power Target (%), which was initially 105 but now shows 0. Again, the slider cannot be adjusted even though it isn't greyed out -- clicking on the + does nothing. The only one I can adjust is the Target Temp, but when I "Apply" the new target, AORUS freezes my system completely. The only overclocking I had done was using the AORUS Engine automatic scan feature, which sets all the appropriate voltages automatically. If I try and run the scan now, it will freeze my system, and eventually the scan fails. I downloaded MSI Afterburner, since I thought maybe it was just Gigabyte's bad software, but I had the same result. Voltages and target %s cannot be changed, and the auto scan instantly fails.

Using GPU-Z, it seems my core speed is locked at 1605MHz and my PerfCap is permanently showing "Idle." I am not getting any boost clocks in any bench, including the built in render test in GPU-Z, Unigine Heaven, Furmark, etc. No matter what I run, GPU-Z shows that max clock at 1605MHz and the "PerfCap" is idle. I am not using any power saving features in Windows or the NVIDIA drivers (everything is set to Max Performance).

I am at a loss here. Could it be a corrupted GPU BIOS? Power supply Issue? I tried reseating the card, swapping the power cables, and even did a complete Windows clean install and nothing has helped.