Rumored Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs, Set for March 15 Debut

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Dec 4, 2004
@ Hartford

Okay, the term "aircraft-grade" is a misnomer. I don't design aircraft engines. No, really. They may make beer cans out of aluminum but they make trash bags and trash cans out of plastic.

I still prefer metal and wouldn't want to wear a plastic herring-bone necklace. Again, that's probably just me.

Enough foolishness. I have a Dell XPS 15 with a metal chassis/casing and it just feels better than the Lenovo T400 with its plastic casings. As far as Apple goes, yes, their MacBook Pro's aluminum is quite nice. It just is, I'm sorry for that, but the iPhone 5's aluminum is that beer can stuff you mentioned and as far as I'm concerned its an embarrassment and a big part of the reason I left Apple for good.

Yes, plastics can be quite high quality...but that's not the stuff we're seeing from Samsung (IMO, perhaps that stuff they're using is really the best of the best). Don't get me wrong, if you've been 'round these parts you know I love Samsung (their portfolio is deep). ...I just want a higher quality material in their phones and I'd prefer that to be high-grade aluminum (or at least higher quality plastics...or as you mentioned Kevlar works just fine for me (see Motorola)).

I apologize for the use of the aircraft-grade aluminum comment and will keep in mind what you've taught the next time I disrespect a trash bag. Ignorance remains bliss and I'm admittedly ignorant about a great many things (I know nothing about brewing beer, neuro-surgery, trash bag design, or the best way to lay coax cable in the ground, etc.). :heink:


Mar 30, 2006
[citation][nom]Hartford[/nom]@ halcyonThere's quite a bit wrong with your post. I'm not trying to be condescending, because most people have these misconceptions, but I see it in every other forum (mostly from apple fanboys) and it's getting somewhat annoying.There is no such thing as "aircraft grade aluminium". It doesn't really mean anything (I design jet engines, so you'll have to trust me on that one). If anything, they are trying to make planes out of plastic nowadays (which they call "advanced polymers" or even sometimes "composites" etc... because it sounds cool, but really, it's mostly plastic).Most plastics aren't even cheaper than metal, on a per pound basis. You can be sure that the plastic in your cellphone costs more than an equivalent mass of steel or aluminium. And then there's plastics like Kevlar and Lexan, which blow aluminium and steel out of the water in terms of both strength and price.Yeah, metal does look better according to some (myself included), but it's not more durable, expensive, stronger or inherently more premium than metal.So please don't drink the Apple "Aluminium comes straight from the space age and is the best metal ever" kool aid. You're an android user, you're better than that. They make beer cans out of aluminium.[/citation]

nicely said, I always told Apple sheeps that my 75 cents soda can has more aluminum than their super high fancy premium crazy oh my god ifone 5, lol.
[citation][nom]JOSHSKORN[/nom]Sounds good but could use:-Octo-core-More RAM (2x)-Better Battery[/citation]

There aren't any true octo-core CPUs available for smart phones right now, nor would it really matter if there were any.
2GB of RAM is already more than anyone can expect to get near utilizing in a smart phone.
We'll see how good the battery is later. Worst comes to worst, you'd almost certainly be able to use an after-market extended battery.


Is this going to have Gorilla Glass 3 or the new bendable glass they were amazingly showing off? Didn't they say the S4 would have this flexible glass?
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