[SOLVED] Rx 5700 xt crashing?

Jan 21, 2020
Hey guys, i have no idea what's wrong, but my games keep crashing all of a sudden and sometimes it crashes and I get a no video input and have to restart the pc from the psu. This has happened a few times before but my ram was kinda jacked so I just blamed it. I saw a video talking about faulty PSUs and how they can cause simular issues but idk. Now it has come to a point where I can't play one round of bf5 without it crashing. Today I underclocked the gpu and seems that it helped but I didn't play enough rounds to say for sure. Also I noticed in task manager, that all components act normal but the gpu has a massive spike and then it crashes. None of my parts are overclocked, my setup is: rx5700xt, ryzen 7 2700, 16gb 3200mhz g skill ram, msi b450 board and a Silverstone strider essential 700w psu. I would appreciate any help, hopefully I don't have to return my gpu, thanks.


Apr 21, 2011
Which drivers are you using? I know many 5000 series users are reverting back to 19.12.3 / 1 drivers as a lot of them find those more stable than 20.x drivers. I'd advise using DDU to uninstall your current drivers and giving older ones a go. I'm sure if you google your issue you'll find a million threads like this one unfortunately.
AMD just released a new driver update with many mentions of black screen and crash bug fixes
Absolutely agree... new driver version is 20.2.2. Just do a clean install (there's an option to tick during the install that does that) to make sure all the old driver bits and pieces and settings are removed.

I wasn't having extreme problems before, mainly because I was using a 'driver only' install without using Radeon Settings. But this driver update, with Radeon Settings, has fixed up crashes and black screens I would get as well as improving clock stability in games. What's more, a lot of others are saying they've had similar results. If you've a Navi card, this is a must update IMO.