Question rx 580 not displaying on monitor !


Oct 12, 2016
I bought an rx 580 (Asus arez 580 8 gb) as a replacment for my 1050 2gb and I bought it used since I couldnt afford a new one.
It worked just fine and and I was able to download radeon drivers and everything untill my PC kept truning off and I realized there was a loose cable (It was the RGB LED strip but for some reason It was stopping the PC from turning on)
So after reconnecting it I turned on the PC and left the room for 10 seconds to come back to a burning smell from the gpu (it wasnt a lot of smell) and I instantly removed it without care till the first PCIE lane came out with the GPU :D
Althought I need a new Motherboard, This thread is to help me troubleshoot the gpu .
So when I try to start my PC with the rx580, the card RGB lights turn on and it starts to blink on and off while goign through different colors with no signal on the monitor whatsoever
I think something went wrong because I forgot to turn the PSU off while trying to get the PC to work at first.
I tested the card with my friends PC and the same happend.
What can I possibly try myself to get this gpu working normally ?

Edit: this is a video of what happens.
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