[SOLVED] RX 580 started artifacting, would it be worth it to flash RX 580 4GB vBIOS?

Jan 10, 2022
My RX 580 8GB (MSI Armor OC @ 1366mhz/mem 2000mhz) started artifacting textures, mostly in DirectX games (not sure if it matters), and I've tried every trick in the book, Flashing vBIOS underclocking/undervolting and so on. I heard you could flash an RX 580 vBIOS on a 570 or a 480, would it be worth it flashing RX 580 4GB vBIOS on a 8GB? I typically play at low/medium settings at 1080p. Any suggestions are much appreciated, especially when you can't get a new graphics card nowadays. Thanks.