Question Rx 6600 upgrade

Nov 16, 2022
I have a pre-built Lenovo Legion T530-28lcb PC. It has 1050ti 4gb, i5 8400, 8gb ram and an 450w psu. I am looking to buy an PowerCooler Fighter Rx 6600 8gb( needs 1x8 pin and yes, my psu got this cable ).
I have got a few questions.
1. Will the 450w psu support the 6600?
2.My motherboard has pcie 3.0 and the gpu has 4.0. I know that its compatible, but is there a big performance loss?
3.Is powercooler a good brand(especially the fighter type)? I read some reviews saying it got a coil whine
4.How do i check if the gpu fits in? Just measure the inside?
Extra info: -My 1050ti is small, has one fan while the 6600 has 2.
-I coud buy a gigabyte 1660s as an alternative if its better with my system
Thanks in advance!


6600 power draw

Pci-e 3.0 16x is the same speed as pci-e 4.0 8x - wiki so technically half of pci-e 4.0 16x but if the 6600 is pci-e 4.0 8x no difference for example the specifications of this msi 6600 is pci 4.0 8x anyway. - 15.754 GB/s

So when you get your card use GPU-z to determine if it's running at 3.0 16x - and click the ? to run a render test, to make it gear up to 3.0 16x. when it idles it shows @ 1.1 speed. - Should be in the first or top pci-e slot.

Dimensions: 277 (length) x 130(height) x (width) 51 mm

The 6600 is clearly superior to the 1660 super at 1440p while either can manage 60fps 1080p - gpu monkey (apart from Cyberpunk which is very heavy, 30fps 1440p)

The Asus Dual Radeon 6600 claims to be: 243mm long vs 226mm gigabyte 1660 - yeah just measure if you aren't sure. Kinda sux to get a weaker gpu just because of the dimensions.

Any variety of GPU could potentially produce coil whine and it isn't really viewed as a defect as such it could be down to all sorts of random combinations of situations such as the power source being noisy or the pc power supply having high ripple, or the mobo and then maybe a coil is somehow a bit different due to variations manufacturing process - basically you're just unlucky to get a whiny card although I have seen a case where an uninterruptible power supply actually caused coil whine or some sort of electronic noise rather than smooth out the power supply - maybe because it wasn't of great capacity but there you are electronics can be weird sometimes.

It's a case of the odds being stacked against you if it happens anyway there are probably 4 or 5 different brands of 6600 - Asus, Msi, Gigabyte, XFX, Sapphire, Powercolor & Evga (evga 1660 only) - they will have slight differences in dimensions probably and other variations and maybe a few % edge even - you can compare by searching in google for example, asus 6600 vs sapphire 6600 gpu monkey <-highlight, right click and search - and that will throw up a comparison - but the core performance is probably practically identical far as gaming fps goes.

So It's pick your poison - there's a chance you could get a whiny card though I don't really know what the odds are. Probably a lot would have to be off by some margin somehow.
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