Question Rx 6600xt low power draw in games but not on a benchmark

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Jul 20, 2022
Hi guys so today I got a rx 6600XT, now when I run a benchmark with the gpu it pulls 140/150watts but when i play games it pulls anywhere from 30/80 and the clock speeds are low as hell (i can play bf5 ultra no RTX and the card pulls 60 watts and is a stuttering mess) if anyone has any advice that could help i would appreciate it very much. Also here are the things i have tried:
  • Fresh driver install with DDU
  • fresh windows install
  • disabled gsync and anti-lag
  • disabled ULPS
  • Resat the gpu
my specs are as follows
  • i7 8700k (stock, no oc)
  • msi z370 gaming plus
  • 16gb ddr4 3200mhz
  • rx 6600xt sapphire pulse
  • 750watt psu

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I messed around with this for quite some time with my RX 6800, Lets just say I gave up after 2 months with lower usage in the games I play at 1440p and sold it and bought a RTX 3070.

Tried everything on my end and nothing really fixed it other then forcing higher clocks in wattman.

I hope you have better luck then me.

Also change to 8-bit color that has helped some people with similar issues.
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