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RX480 with Ryzen 1600x


Jan 29, 2017
You should be fine with a 480. They are both mid range parts for gaming and productivity, they match quite well in fact. Though you might want to consider an rx580 over the 480



You won't have any CPU bottleneck with the RX-480, and the 480 will be able to hit 100% usage in games.
Yes, the 1600X can keep up with faster cards, so technically I guess you could call the RX-480 a bottleneck if that's the way you want to think of it. I don't.



I know it was a 1600. But they are the same CPU with the 1600X being sold at a slightly higher clock speed. Both should be able to run all 6 cores at 3.9HGz - 4GHz with little effort. And you get a decent stock cooler with the 1600. No cooler with the 1600X. Your choice.

Most folks would probably opt for the 1600 and put the savings toward a gfx card. But only you can decide depending on the price difference when you buy. Right now, there's about a $30 price difference between the two.


Dec 6, 2017
Neither the 1600 nor 1600X will bottleneck a RX 480. Even a RX 580 would be fairly safe. If you had a Vega or a 1070Ti/1080 which would be over 80% more powerful then you would want to be concerned.

I'd get the 1600. Comes with a great stock cooler and has room for overclocking with the cooler even. I find X versions aren't worth the extra money.
It will match great dude. I've got a 1600 overclocked to 3.7ghz, so pretty much running 1600x speeds, otherwise 1600 and 1600x are the same. But I had the RX 480 8gb.

Works great. Very good match. I just sold my 480 online because I needed a new lawn mower for the house we just moved into. Will probably order something like a GTX 1050ti to tide me over until I get a better GPU later. But no complaints on that 480.

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