Question RX560 acting odd


Hello. I need help repairing an RX560 with water damage. It works, but just not correctly.

GPU XFX Radeon RX560D 2gb
Rest of specs are in my signature under "lego PC"

Card was water damage. It arrived with a sticky residue on the card. I soaked it in alcohol and scrubbed it.

Plugged the card in i get nothing, no display at all.

But, the card will work somewhat if i go through these steps:

Plug monitors VGA port into motherboard.
Install RX560 into PC, but dont plug PCIe in or DVI out.
Boot PC into Windows on IGPU.
Plug in 6 pin.
Press restart in Windows.
Plug DVI in and unplug VGA.

Windows will now boot on the RX560. I installed the driver and it all looked fine in GPUz. GPUz screenshot:

Fan speed can be modified in msi afterburner.

However, the card doesn't perform right. Here is a userbenchmark result:

If i restart the PC from windows, it restarts and boots on RX560.

If I shut down the system than try to boot it again, it wont boot.

I tried flashing the VBIOS and no avail.
Here is GPUz now:
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Take dishwashing detergent and scrub it, just beware the water damage may be between Vram modules, small components underneath which in time may go "POP". Best way is to take liquid flux and industrial heat gun (if you do not have heat gun station).
That should reflow the balls beneath the components.
But you need experience, cause if you do not have kapton tape, you will damage other components (alternative is foil.

Half of the lanes are missing, soo there might be some damaged components. Without knowledge no easy repair shall be.