Question RX580 green & Yellow Dots appearing on my left screen

Apr 18, 2019
This is a recent issue that I have been experiencing. I have an RX580 8gb GPU with an Asus Aurus b450 Elite Motherboard. I have done a recent upgrade and it seems since that upgrade (and since using dual monitors) that I am getting this issue. It mainly happens on my left-hand screen (which is my first monitor) which is a cheap Dell monitor. This issue also seems to mainly pup up in Discord but it has happened on other apps. Green or yellow dots appear either in a certain section of the screen (usually in the top half) Once changing apps or even discord threads they dissapear or even when I mouse over them they change location, flicker or disappear entirely. What could be causing this?


If you haven't tried the latest drivers and versions of the software you are having trouble with, give that a try.

Simple test, swap the monitors and see if it stays with the monitor.

If it does, monitor or cable is bad. Swap or replace the cables. If it isn't the cables and it isn't the monitor, that leaves the GPU.

Incorrect colored pixels are a sign of GPU failure, but I wouldn't rule out a loose connection on the monitor. Many monitors are divided top from bottom, could just be a loose connector inside the monitor.