Question RX580 Suttering/FPS drops in dark souls 3


Jun 17, 2013
Windows 7
RX580 4G
AMD Ryzen 1700X
8x2 8Gb Ram @ 2400mhz
650w psu
b450 motherboard

game is located on an ssd
ram sits at about 5gb usage
cpu never goes above 30% while playing
gpu was previously fluctuating between 0-100% constantly until i turned off "OC Tuner" in bios
now it doesnt constantly fluctuate but still happens frequently, i get freezes for about 1/2 second intermittently, when i open my menus the game will drop fps to around 20-25 (not shown by amd software)
my drivers are up to date
ive tried changing most of the settings in amds program, the only one i noticed having any impacted was enhanced sync and it still didnt fix my issue
the issue also seems to get worse when im connected to another player? im not sure about that, it might just be coincidental
changing the graphics settings in game has no impact on the stuttering/fps issues, neither does changing the resolution, i run the game at 1080p with max settings and i have the same issues as when i run at 720p lowest settings
other than the stuttering and fps drops the game runs perfectly smooth so i really dont know what to do or what is wrong and its extremely irritating
i used to run this game on a previous setup with significantly worse hardware (i3 dual core and r9 280x) and it ran at 60fps consistently
seriously if anyone has any idea what could be wrong id appreciate any help, im considering just using ddu to uninstall my drivers and try the oldest amd drivers but given my internet speed is 2.5mbps down (on a good day) it might take a while to get new ones