Question Ryzen 3400G dropping display signal at high cpu usage and >70C

I'm stability testing my new build and I noticed the the Display signal gets dropped when running Prime95 on my 3400G >70C. It comes back on, but it losses sync constantly. The GPU never goes over 200MHz. Once the CPU stress test stops, the display dropout stops. Ryzen Master reports everything well within design limits. Hottest it ever got was 81C. It never crashed under 2 hours of Prime95 Small FFT (max heat) testing. The video signal just dropped multiple times.

I'm running stock and 144Hz refresh over HDMI. But it also does it @ 60Hz, just less frequently.

I tried swapping the cables and I'm running the latest version of the Raven Ridge microcode update/UEFI. I'm also running latest chipset drives and video drivers. I also tried swapping the HDMI cables.

Ryzen 3400G stock
2x8 3200 RAM (Hyper X)
Asrock B450 ITX/AC Fatal1ty motherboard
Seasonic Focus Prime SFX 550Watt PSU.

Anybody else encounter this issue?


I would suspect that the drivers might have something to do with the issue. Perhaps see if using DDU to remove the drivers and then manually source the drivers from AMD's support site to install them in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator, helps.

By latest BIOS, which version are you on? Which version of Windows 10 are you working with?