Ryzen 5 2400g freezes with green screen on OpenGL

Mar 3, 2018
Ok, so I bought the new ryzen 5 2400g with a b-350 gaming 3 motherboard in a prebuilt PC.
Everything went fine while gaming, except when playing Minecraft. I think there might be a problem with OpenGL on this APU because after playing 3-4 minutes, the game crashes, the screen turns completely GREEN and the PC freezes. Sometimes, if I am quick enough, I press the windows key and the game is minimised and I can kill the process. Other times, it doesn't matter how quick I am, the PC completely freezes, stays with the green screen for about 10-15 seconds and then it restarts on its own. This issue happens both in vanilla and modded minecraft.
What can I do ? Is this a problem with the apu drivers ? I have the latest drivers installed and I check for updates manually every day via Radeon software. My current drivers version is 17.7

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