Question Ryzen 5 3600 is a bit hot and randomly restart

Jul 27, 2019
My system spec is:
Ryzen 5 3600 with stock cooler

RX 570 rog strix

16gb 3000 ram

Asrock B450m pro4 f

After finally getting my Ryzen 5 3600 to work, I did a Blender Classroom benchmark. The temperature shot up to 95C in less than 5 mins! I took the cooler off, reapply the thermal paste and it still got to 95C albeit a little more slowly this time and suddenly the entire rig just shutdown and restart in the middle of the bench.

Even the 2200g I used to have never got this hot so quickly from a Blender benchmark, it usually takes about 30 mins to get to about 70C.

Temperature is observed using Core Temp

Also Cinebench r20 score seems to be lower than other people?? I got max 3488 on multi and 470 on single

What I have tried:

Checked airflow, just like before 2 in 1 out.

Latest BIOS and drivers, latest windows update.

All the screws on CPU cooler are pretty tight I actually let the store screw the CPU before I see the temp got too high and took it off to replace the paste myself actually.

Tested with both the stock paste and a Coolermaster paste.

Prime95 in blend mode, it jumped to 94 degrees in about 10 mins.

Aida64 with just CPU, temp reached 80 degrees and stable around 76.

I will provide more info if necessary

I wonder if this is because of defective CPU and I should return it or is it normal and should I get an aftermarket cooler? Please recommend one if I do have to.

Thank you very much.