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Question ryzen 5 3600 is overheating

Jun 16, 2020
hello guys my specs are
ryzen 5 3600
asus tuf b450 pro gamming
gtx 1080
ddr4 ram overclocked to 3000mhz
650 wats psu
running windows 10
i used the stock cooler before and the temps were bad also now am using rampage 240 rgp aio
and the temps are also bad it reachs 90 easily in prime95
I don't think it's a bad cooler because the temps where also bad on the stcok cooler
temps where measure with ryzen master and hwinfo65
having 5 fans in the case including the 2 fans for the aio
I am having this issue from around 5 days
bios is updated
what i tried:
tried changed the thermal paste 3 times
changed the fans layout
check the aio pump its running at 6750 rpm
tried plugging the pump in a normal fan plug
tried turning the pump and the fans to 100% in any load and not that difference
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Jun 16, 2020
Whats the ambient daily high temperature right now where you live ?

Are you overclocking the cpu ?

Are you running PBO ?

What power plan are you running ?
not overclocking the cpu its stock
ambient temprature is around 27
PBO is off
Jun 24, 2020
Try to undervolt your cpu in your motherboard Bios manually, HWINFO sometimes shows wrong values
also, turn on "Global power saving mode" in M.I.T. from BIOS

The same thing thing happened to me few days back when I bought my recent R5 3600 rig
my mobo: Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro

previously the stock voltage was at 1.45v and Frequency was 3.6 GHz (TEMPS: medium usage: over 92C)

I undervolted my cpu to 1.15v and overclocked to 4.2GHz (TEMPS: normal usage: 42C under full load:82)

I don't know why latest mobos tend to set 1.45v at stock😕