Ryzen 7 2700X High Voltage - Stock

I've been using my 2700X for a few months now and I prefer leaving it on stock clocks and voltage because that is how it can get the highest single-core speed of 4.34GHz. But it also goes up to 1.531-1.550V on a single core at a time.

If all cores are under load it doesn't reach that high. It's only with a single-core at a time. I've only really played League of Legends lately. Trying to overclock it takes a lot of voltage to maintain 4.2GHz on all cores.

Will these high voltage damage my CPU over time?

Specs in sig.



It's not uncommon for random high voltage spikes to occur. You can limit them with a small tweak to CPU voltage.
Try adding negative offset to CPU voltage in BIOS. In your case I'd start at -0.050v and see how it does. You should notice the CPU holding higher clocks under load. But also keep an eye on WHEA(hardware errors) using HWINFO64. Too much negative offset can introduce L2 cache errors. This info is if running stock clocks and have XFR enabled.



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