News Ryzen Burnouts Force Asus to Add Overclock Warnings to EXPO Features

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Sure, Vsoc may not be just the memory controller, but it includes the memory controller, yes?

"SOC voltage - system on a chip voltage; responsible for the voltage related to the memory controller."

"Specifies the SoC/Uncore voltage (VDD_SOC) in mV to support memory and Infinity Fabric overclocking.” AM5/ROG CROSSHAIR X670E EXTREME/E20466_ROG_CROSSHAIR_X670E_Series_BIOS_manual_EM_WEB.pdf?model=ROG CROSSHAIR X670E EXTREME

"Allows you to specify the SoC/Uncore voltage (VDD_SOC) to support memory and Infinity Fabric overclocking" X670/Software_BIOS Setup Guide_English.pdf

Also, given that VDDG cannot be higher than Vsoc, wouldn't that mean you might need to increase Vsoc just to get the VDDG you want?

The person I responded to said Vsoc is not related to RAM in any way, that is clearly not the case.
technically yes ,but that would be when overclocking infinity fabric/memory controller beyond 3000 mhz in 1:1 gear (above ddr5 6000), which by default switches to 1:2 and doesnt need extra voltage either

vsoc also has igpu

Sergei Tachenov

Jan 22, 2021
SOC voltage is the memory controller voltage. It makes sense it may have to be tweaked for running high speed RAM.
Well, yes, my wording was confusing. What I meant to say is that the SOC voltage is not directly specified by the EXPO profile. So when you buy a 1.4V kit of RAM, it doesn't mean that it automatically sets the SOC voltage to 1.4V. It's totally up to the motherboard to choose a SOC voltage if it's set to Auto and it's not guided by EXPO except the fact that the very act of turning EXPO on hints the motherboard to bump up the SOC voltage a bit, like "Oh, the user turned EXPO on, might as well pump more voltage into the memory controller, just in case!".
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