News Ryzen Threadripper 7000 Storm Peak CPU Surfaces With 64 Zen 4 Cores


Jul 10, 2017
If you take the performance of the R7950 @65W and multiply that with 4, You'll have some guesstimation on what the performance will be at 275W or so (I/O die takes quite some juice)


Aug 29, 2011
7950 is 170w default, not 65w.

7950 can be run in two eco modes. One is 65W, and the other is at 105W.
105W is arguably a much better mode because it almost halves power consumption (reduces temps by about 20 degrees C as well), but impacts multicore performance by about 5-10% - this I think would be a more accurate measurement.

I would like to see this benchmarked at the wattage used by the 5990

I would imagine that the TR series will be about 30-35% faster at same wattage compared to their current counterparts - if AMD further tunes the TR series voltages and power consumption, they might get a bit more performance at stock.
In testing the 7950x, reviewers discovered that running it in ECO mode of 105W (same as 5950x), the 7950x was 34% faster.

I would imagine that there would be no point for AMD to clock TR's to a much higher degree like they have done with consumer parts. Part of the reasoning for that would be because when talking about TR's and data centre solutions, performance per watt and overall power consumption matter more than pure performance... also, Intel has no real response to AMD's TR or data centres, so I think it would be better for AMD to stick to pre-existing power consumption figures like on Zen 3 TR's and data centres, and just get 35% more performance (which is a decent increase anywa and consistent with previous releases).