Question Samsung 860 EVO 250gb bricked?


May 6, 2012
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Ok so

My brother purchased all new pc parts except graphics card, PSU and SSD which he will be using from his old build.

We put it all together last night, started it up fired straight away

Chucked in my windows 10 disk for a fresh install on his EVO 860 250gb ssd
Formatted the SSD chose that's where we wanted to install it and off it went installing a fresh version of windows 10
However it froze on 8% .....waited and it would not continue. forzen...
so we powered off the PC thinking we will just clean this disc maybe...
We did that, turned on the pc and now it won't get past the asus splash screen
So can't even get into bios
Took the cmos battery out, made no difference.
Took the power cable out waited for the power to drain , tried again and nothing.
Can not get the pc to boot not even into bios with this SSD connected.
Also tried the SSD in another PC and the same thing is happening.
However back to my brothers pc using Asus's Hot plug feature we boot up the pc using an old HDD and then connect the SSD while the pc is powered on
The PC shows no sign of this SSD connecting
it isn't showing in This PC/Devices and drives
it isn't showing in Disk management
BUT....It IS showing in Device Manager
Tried updating driver from device manage says it is already upto date
tried Uninstalling the SSD from device manager and it just kept loading for like 10mins doing nothing.

Does anyone have any ideas or is this SSD actually bricked??

Cheers for your time guys

Asus Prime B450 Plus
Ryzen 5 2600
Corsair Vengeance 16gb 3000mhz
Samsung 860 EVO 250gb
Samsung 860 EVO 500gb
Corsair CX750 PSU
Asus GTX 1070 Turbo
Corsair H100i Platinum
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