Question Samsung Data Migration Tool no good for cloning OEM drives

May 11, 2020
So I ended up upgrading the HDD on my Lenovo Laptop with a Samsung Evo 860 SSD after successfully installing one in an old Acer PC at work. The conclusion I came to was the same. Samsung Data Migration Tool is no good at cloning OEM drives as it can't clone the hidden recovery partitions. However I am 99% sure Macrium Reflect will as it sees the hidden partitions but I totally forgot to test this until after I did the clone with Clonezilla.

So to set the scene I bought the Samsung SSD and a USB 3.0 Sata enclosure. Connected the SSD to USB 3.0 and opened up Microsoft Disk Management tool see all the partitions. It picked up 6. Out of curiosity I opened up Easeus Partition Master and it detect 7 partitions all up. This is how it was setup from the Factory.

With this knowledge I fired up Samsung Migration Tool. It only saw the 2 visible partitions. In hindsight I should have then tested Macrium Reflect but as a reflect action I went straight to Clonezilla. The cloning of about under 800gb of data took 2 hours.

Once cloning was complete I tried booting the SSD while still connected to the USB 3.0 port but couldn't get it to work so while in Windows 10 running off HDD I installed and opened Macrium Reflect out of curiosity and Reflect so all 7 partitions on the HDD so this is the tool I would recommend non technical people to use for cloning. I can't say if Clonezilla is faster to use because it runs off a lightweight version of Linux but very curious to see how long Macrium Reflect will clone a disk. Next project in the future maybe to upgrade my Father's PC with an SSD so can test.