Question Samsung evo 970 plus BSOD

Jun 26, 2020
Hello everyone.

Recently I've noticed my old SSD is really slow so I wanted to make an upgrade. My brother recommended me m2 SSD so I bought myself a Samsung 970 EVO plus.

My specifications:
GTX 1080
Asus Prime B350 Plus
Ryzen 7 1700x
32 GB ddr 4 RAM
700W PSU
128 GB SSD
256 GB SSD
500GB m2 SSD (Samsung 970 EVO plus)

So it all started when I first tried to format the disk. It was in RAW format (which I never saw until now) and I had quite a lot of trouble to format it to NTFS (formatting was stopped because of an error). Then I tried to test it's speed and by copying files onto it crashed my whole windows. When I tried installing windows, I also got an error (which said, that the selected drive was offline). After that I decided to try another drive and the same error popped up. Then I was out of idea what to do and tried resetting bios which actually helped and I was able to install windows 10 successfully.

However, now I've problem with windows crashing. Should I play GTA V or sometimes copy files onto the disk, it will either freeze or cause BSOD. It also always happen if I try to benchmark the disk with crystal disk mark or samsung magician. For sure it's the disk's fault, because if I use my old windows I do not have any problems with crashing.

Things I've tried so far:
drivers from microsoft and samsung
resetting bios again (only loading optimized options, should I try with the hard reset?)
turning off fast shutdown in windows
running commands (chkdsk, scf /scannow)
unplugging other sata drives and made sure sata 5 & 6 are empty
check the temperatures (the highest was 68°C during GTA V and at that point it crashed)

The drive is really fast and I love it (when it's not crashing). I really want to avoid going back to normal SSD because the speed is just amazing :/. If anyone has any clue I'd be very thankful.

P.S.: running linux from an USB drive allowed me to benchmark the disk (2TB in 5 minutes without any errors), so I think it has to do something with windows.


I'd disconnect all drives, and do a fresh install of the OS (and commonly used applications) to the EVO; when satisfied with functioning, you can reconnect the other drives, but, jump into the BIOS to make sure the 970 EVO is still first in boot device order, and, delete partitions/reformat the other drives from within disk mngmt/storage.