Question Samsung smart TV as display. On screen display showing when PC sleeps.

Mar 12, 2019
Hi there.

First post :)

I have recently started using a 32" Series 6 FHD Samsung smart TV as the display on my new PC - it is a few years old but firmware has just been updated.
The result is not bad.....from the distance I view it.
My issue is that when my PC goes to sleep, either on command or by setting time-out, the display continually shows a dialogue that says "No cable connected.......HDMI3.......check the cable......." etc.
Clearly the TV can't detect an HDMI connection when the PC is asleep.
When asleep, I want the display to be off with no message - particularly as this system is in the bedroom.

My question is: Has anyone come across and remedied this issue? Either through settings on the PC or TV? Or another solution?

Aside from a TV setting to power off after 2 or 4 hours after no signal, I can't find any way to stop the OSD showing when it doesn't detect a signal.

It is a right pain having to manually turn the screen on/off before/after use.

All help & direction greatly appreciated.



Phillip Corcoran

I think it's because you are using a TV as a PC monitor.

My monitor (new Acer) briefly shows "No signal" when I put my PC to sleep and that's normal, but then the monitor goes to sleep and the screen goes blank.
Your TV may not be fully compliant with computer sleep mode switching process, hence the OSD stays on the screen because the TV doesn't really go to sleep in the same way that a monitor does.