News Sapphire Reveals Custom Radeon RX 5600 XT Graphics Card

$175 and it might do okay. $200 and slower than a 1660? Not going to happen.

Edit: After the comments below I realized I compared it to the wrong model. I thought it was a 5500XT, not 5600XT
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More like 2060 speed, but better wait tests and real customers prices!
This has very good gpu, but very tight memory, so there will be games where this will be really good and games where memory will badly hinder. So variance compared to 5700 can be quite wide.
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slower than a 1660?
Not sure where you're getting that from. Initial estimates are that it will edge out both the 1660 Super and the 1660Ti.

Of course, the real test will be when it gets in the reviews. If the initial estimates are true about it outperforming the 1660Ti, and that in gaming, it stays under 130W instead of the officially stated 150W, and the prices come down a little, then my son and I are definitely keeping an eye on this one for the ChromaTron.


I'm not sure how Nvidia worked it out with EVGA, but coming down to that price point and the timing of the announcement totally stole the 5600XT's thunder.
Could be - but I think it's a different thing when one board partner (in this case, EVGA) is offering a no-frills variant of the card, rather than Nvidia creating a new model, say, I dunno, 2060 Lite or whatever. Not quite the same impact.

EVGA also briefly had a 1660Ti model down to $219.

But, in this case, Nvidia's in a position they haven't experienced in a while, with an AMD card potentially matching or exceeding in performance AND power consumption for a given tier. We'll see what happens next week when the 5600XTs get released, the test results come out, and the price-war begins for this tier of cards.
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