Question sapphire rx 580 nitro 4gb incorrect clock speed and mem speed

Sep 28, 2020
about 5 month ago my gpu keep crashing every time i play the game. i thought my drive but no, my gpu change memory clock and core clock. idk why, from 1340 and 1750 to 1150 and 2020. i try to underclock to 1340 and 1850(minimum, i cant change it to 1750) since i search for troubleshoot and didnt find one. it work until now, sometime reboot or shutdown change mem and core clock to 1340 and 1750, when i reboot it change again to 1150 and 2020.

please help me and sorry for my bad english.


Your core clock "should" reach 1411Mhz and the memory clock should be 2000MHz per Sapphire's webpage. You probably won't see 1411MHz unless you: increase power limit and/or manually undervolt your card.

What AMD driver version are you using?

Are you using AMD Settings only, or do you have a 3rd party tweaking software (MSI afterburner, Sapphire Trixx, etc etc) that you're using also?

Generally speaking, doing a RESTART (not shut down) will return the card to the "correct" working order. This (from my research) has mostly to do with Windows' fast boot functionality. You can disable Windows fast boot, but there will occasionally be driver versions that still don't play nice until you do a restart.