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Question Screen turns black and fans run at full speed when PC is "moved"

Jul 14, 2021
I have had my current build for a decent while now and have made no modifications since building it. I cant remember when the problem raised but I don't believe it was this way form the start. When my PC has any sort of movement when running, the screen will turn black and all the systems fans will run at full speed until I restart the computer. The reason I have gone so long with this issue is its not very intrusive to daily use. Recently though it seems to maybe have gotten worse and simple "harder" steps or stomps will be enough to cause it to occur instead of things like jumps. It may be that or maybe I am just getting more irritated by it. Regardless, I have found little to no help on regards to this topic and I seem to be in a world of my own with the problem.

My current 2 very weak theories are...

1. GPU, my GPU was purchased aftermarket and wasn't received completely clean or anything and was supposedly used in some sort of college project. That being said it has worked great with results that would be expected of a 1080Ti but it being aftermarket makes me think the connection is maybe loose and that could explain the black screen but I don't know why the fans would run at full speed too.

2. I read in a post to a problem sort of similar to this but most definitely different then mine that someone thought it could be do to a broken solder on the mobo and that it causes the connection to be very fragile and movement breaks the connection resulting in the system needing rebooted. I wont claim to know that much in this area so as much as it sounds half decent to me it may be ridiculous.

Thanks for any and all help!


Jun 9, 2021
If it was me, I would take it apart and put it back together. Might work if it's just some loose contact somewhere.

Back up all your data beforehand and use all precautions for ESD-sensitive electronics just as if it was a new build - There's a fair risk that it won't work anymore given that something was already flaky for some reason, if you are willing to take.