Seagate external hard drive and online support difficulties

digital dilemna

May 19, 2011
if this is posted in the wrong forum, i apologize, i chose the one i guessed was best.

i bought a Seagate Freeagent Goflex external hard drive. the memory is shown at present as 1.81 TB but i do not remember how much it was to begin with. i only have 8 gb of files on it currently, so i doubt there is much of a difference.

i ran the setup normally and encountered no issues [at least, setting it up]. soon after however my computer was running extremely slowly, and i found that it was the software installed by the external hard drive. i had intended to use it as more or less a second hard drive/ extra memory, or basicly a gigantic flashdrive. i still wish to do so, but i do not want to accidentally give myself a hard drive that is impossible to use.

to meet this goal, i attempted to utilize the seagate website. i could not find any e-mail address in the contact support, i could not register for the forums, and when i tried again it replied

We are currently experiencing technical problems. Please try again later

reading the forums, i saw a general lack of support that every user was complaining about. i have given up on seagate's help, and so turn to here.

the questions i have are:

how may i configure my external hard drive to function without the irritating automatic backup software and function solely as a storage device?

how may i reduce the impact of Seagate's programs on my computer?

how can i block the programs from starting or installing again?

i am down to only a few MB of space on my current hard drive and so am rather anxious to get this finished.