Seagate Hard disk


Sep 19, 2017
Hello everyone,

One of the assembled PC, which has purchased on 2009,

I am facing problem with hard drive - Every 3 years, my Seagate hard drive is getting started clicking sound after Out-of-warranty.

What is reason, I didn't understand, several times, I replaced hard drive. First time brought up 250gb Seagate drive Problem with clicking sound, second time brought 500GB Seagate hard disk drive again clicking sound and again 2Tb Seagate hard disk purchased the same problem which is clicking sound, which is Out-of-warranty. in the 2TB hard drives stored the all the important datas.

What is the cause?

I am keep on replacing hard drive since 2012.

Software are Installed in my PC

Windows 10 pro
Adobe Creative Cloud 2007 software’s like InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, premier and Aftereffects.

System specifications are followed:
Intel Quad core processor 2.66ghz, (Q6600)
Intel DP35DP mother board
nvidia Quadro FX1800 Graphics Card
DDR 2 RAM with 800FSB, expandable up to 8GB RAM.



Aug 17, 2012
Hmmm. As far as hard drives going out so often, it could be the environment they are stored in, like too hot, too humid, dusty, etc. The one thing I found that kills hard drives is if they get too hot for too long, or if they go through a lot of hard reboots (holding the power button down to force a shutdown). Check to see that the drives have good cooling. You might want to try a different brand. I have had the best luck with Western Digital drives and Hitatchi drives. Make sure to shut your PC down when it's not being used as well.
Newer versions of windows have all sorts of programs that can wear on mechanical drives. Shut these services down to reduce wear and tear on your drives.

Also get a low cost SSD for a boot drive may help.
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first were the drives replacements sent from hp??or seagate?? rma parts dont have to be new as long as they work. so they may not be new. if they were new you bought seagate drives when they were having issues. (bad firmware and other issues (bad caps from china got into a lot of products a few years back.). also if the drives were shipped to your home they may have been kicked/dropped that not good for a drive. if you can try buying local. also few years back where hd were made there was flooding. hard supply was tight and costly.