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Question Seasonic PRIME ULTRA TITANIUM 850w and 2080 Ti - question.


Sep 19, 2009
Hello i bought new PSU:


My card will be Aorus 2080 Ti Xtreme Waterforce.

But i have found topic with issue with that PSU and 2080 Ti:


But i will be not have problems?

Somebody said:"I had very similar problems that you've experience using several Seasonic PRIME Titanium Ultra/non-Ultra 850W (1x new) 750W (3x - 2 new, 1 RMA) PSUs. When I game or GPU stress test (with a max power draw of 430-520W), the PC would randomly power off and reboot. This rarely happened at first but has happened more frequently over time. I had this happen to me when I had my 8700K+Z370+Titan V build, 9900K+Z370+2080 Ti build, 9900K+Z390+2080 Ti build while using various 750W and 850W Seasonic PRIME Titanium Ultra and non-Ultra PSUs. I've replaced nearly all components in my PC, PSU cables (Ensourced and OEM), surge protector, swapped power outlets around the house, and battery backup, but I still experienced random shut-offs. This week I've replaced the Seasonic PSU with an EVGA Supernova T2 850W. I have not had any random shutdowns under GPU load so far. I will report back if this changes but I highly recommend testing your system with another PSU as I suspect the Seasonic PRIME Titanium PSU degrades over time.
I'm not sure what....if anything.....is going on with the Seasonics....but I've been running a Founders Edition 2080 Ti for about a year with a Corsair RMx 1000 with zero issues.....so if you have concerns, I would recommend this....and you can probably get away with less than 1000.


Dec 10, 2018
That problem was most definitely caused by a lack of power. they have ruled out every other problem. So as jay32267 said get a more powerful psu.