Question Second monitor making my pc crash??

Feb 8, 2023
So I have been having this weird problem with my pc and I cant seem to find the cause or solution to it. My pc runs perfectly fine with my Acer KG241Q 144hz 1080p monitor, but whenever I plug in my second monitor (Samsung 1080p 60hz) via HDMI. the screen goes black, no video signal is sent but the system itself is stays on. I have noticed that when this happens, the gpu fans go to max speed. At that point all I can do is turn off by holding the power button and restarting . Weirdly, when windows boots back up, my gpu drivers are gone?? Only way to fix this is unplugging second monitor and restart
This Samsung monitor only has HDMI ports.
I have tried using this same samsung monitor alone and it seems to also crash but takes longer to crash if that makes sense.
I have also tried using a spare display I had as second monitor and it works fine.
Also tried another pc (Lenovo Laptop) with that samsung monitor and it worked perfectly fine.

I honestly don't know what the problem is.

My specs:
-i5 10400f
-RX 5500XT
-500gb Adata SSD
-16gb HP Ram 2666mhz
-500W 80+ PSU from Cougar??
-Dual-Booting Windows 11 and 10

Thing I have already tried:
-Different HDMI cable
-Different monitor
-12 different OS including default Windows 10, Windows 11, Custom isos and more
-Different drivers
-Unplugging everything
-Different HDMI port on GPU and monitor


Welcome tot he forums, newcomer!

Weirdly, when windows boots back up, my gpu drivers are gone ??
Might want to try and use DDU to uninstall your GPU drivers then manually reinstall with the latest off of AMD's support site, in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator. + Are you asking a question or are you assuming they're gone or are you noticing that the drivers aren't showing up?

500W 80+ PSU from Cougar??
You're not sure of the PSU?

Model to your Samsung panel that's been causing an issue?

12 different OS including default Windows 10, Windows 11, Custom isos and more
One will do, you don't need to bother with other OSes. Where did you source your installers for Windows 10 and 11?
Feb 8, 2023
Hey, thanks for your reply.
I have tried ddu multiple times with no success. I meant that the drivers are not showing up, f.i right clicking the desktop doesnt show amd adrenalin software, also my resolution is all messed up and set to 60hz when that happens.

I am sure of my PSU, I just thought it might be worth mentioning that it's an off-brand psu.

The samsung display is a T24C550

and about the multiple oses, I know, its just that I enjoy trying out new ones to check performance, tweaks, and other misc stuff. I get my default Windows 10 and 11 from the Media Creation Tool, although I have tried downloading them from Rufus sometimes and other Custom Isos like ggos, revios, atlasos, and even my custom ones with NTlite. No luck so far though.