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  1. tsh1994

    Question Cheapest possible wow shadowlands computer, minimum requirements

    I'd like to build the cheapest computer I can for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Any suggestions welcome. Wow Shadowlands min and rec requirements are: MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS RECOMMENDED SPECIFICATIONS OPERATING SYSTEM Windows® 7 64-bit Windows® 10 64-bit PROCESSOR Intel® Core™ i5-3450 AMD...
  2. B

    Question D0 Error Code MSI mobo

    motherboard: msi z170a xpower gaming titanium The background is going to be a little long because I’m truly stumped what went wrong. I built my computer roughly 5 years ago and never had an issue with the computer. I recently took my computer apart to deep clean it. After putting it back...
  3. CensoredBaquette

    [SOLVED] Which Pc should I buy, RX 5700 or 2060S?

    Hi, I want to buy a new pc, but I can't decide which one to buy. Should I buy the MSI RX 5700 XT Gaming x or the MSI 2060 Super? and what motherboard should I buy with it and why? I want this to be a fast and...
  4. G

    front i/o usb 3.0 cable stuck on motherboard, how do i unplug it?

    So I recently built a new computer. the motherboard is asus strix z270e, and the case is nzxt s340 elite. After I built, it I wanted to re-arrange the cabling. However, when I try to unplug the usb 3.0 cable from the case from the motherboard it would not come off. I'm afraid if I apply more...
  5. J

    Upgrading Pre-Built PC any bottlenecks?

    I bought a Compaq 6006 HP and I'm upgrading its gpu to a GTX 750 Ti and it's CPU to a FX-6300 and it's normal psi is 320 watt and I have 8 gb ram will there be any trouble and will get good fps on games?
  6. J

    Power LED help

    So I just built my new PC, got everything together but the graphics card which comes tomorrow. The CPU Fan, And the CPU turns on, i know this because there is a bit of heat when I power on the system where the CPU is on the back of the mobo, the power switch WORKS, but... it doesn't have any...
  7. P

    Alienware Laptop Keyboard to USB Possible

    Hey I really liked the Keyboard on my Alienware 17 but I sold It and built a desktop. Is it possible to just take the base keyboard from the laptop and plug it in via usb? I'm planning on getting this keyboard...
  8. JMcEntegart

    Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Hands On Impressions

    We go hands-on with Microsoft's newest Surface Pro machine. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Hands On Impressions : Read more
  9. J

    Are these screwdrivers OK or should I get others? They're for the building.