[SOLVED] Seeking Flash Drive Recommendations


Aug 6, 2021
32GB, USB 3.0 (or higher), USB 2.0 (backwards compatible), Fast read speed, Decent write speed. ~$10us or ???

The complaints on Amazon are the same for every drive... Slow. Starts fast and becomes slow. Stops transfers for long periods of time. Unusable for making large transfers all at once. Write speeds too slow to use. Lost data...

Some reviews love each drive and someone hates on every single one, and not just in the normal hit and miss of Amazon reviews.

Do you have any experience with a 'good' flash drive? Please share opinions and speeds.

To tell the truth, I think all of the ones I've ever had were hand-me-downs. Never put large files on them. I don't think I've even owed one more than 4gb, or 8 at the most. Don't remember them getting hot, put who knows if they did or not.

Thanks, emcee2


They start fast and then slow because they're overheating and thermal throttling. They're just not designed for large files. Ironically I now hand fan my usbs to help keep them cool, even the ones with m.2 drives and thermal pads in them. Anyway, I've been using the Samsung BAR Plus drives MUF-32BE4/AM drives since they have a metal case. They're around $9 on Newegg.