Select Proper Boot Device


Jun 20, 2011
One day I came home to my 2 year old Asus desktop and found that it would't boot the hdd. It said that there was a "Primary Hard Disk Error." Since it still didn't work with a new SATA cable, I bought a 1 Tb Western Digital hdd to replace it. I booted from my Windows 7 Installation disk and the HDD wasn't recognized. I booted from an Ubuntu live CD and installed it on the drive. Then when I tried to boot from the drive, there was another primary hard disk error. I figured that it was a psu problem, so I bought a case/psu combo off of newegg. Once installed, I tried to install windows 7 again, but it didn't recognize the drive. Since the drive was formatted in ext4, I booted yet again into the Ubuntu live CD (which took over 30 minutes to load) and tried to install it again. This time there were lots of errors during the installation process. Since the DVD drive was having errors, I attempted to install from several usb drives (none of which worked). I had an old pata cd drive, so I hooked that up and it never allowed me to boot from it. Before I go out and buy a new dvd drive, I want to make sure that's the problem. Could it possibly be a motherboard problem, or what?

I am but a broke 15 year old that knows very little about computers, and is on the verge of smashing the computer with a large hammer. Please help.

P.S. I used the sub-category "General Discussion" because it involved multiple types of drives. This is my first post, so if I'm in the wrong section, please forgive me.


Apr 8, 2011
Is the new drive a sata 6.0 or a 3.0? What does your motherboard support 3.0? If your motherboard is 3.0 and the drive is 6.0 there should be a jumper to set it to 3.0.