Set up a printing server?


Aug 8, 2017
I have a server pc that runs my website right now. Now on my home network only(without anyone outside the network having access to it), i want to be able to send print requests to that PC so it prints it using the connected printer. The printer is not wireless, wherefore the whole server PC thing. Is there any software that is able to accomplish this? I havent really been able to find anything.

Hope this is in the right section

A printer connected in this manner tend to be slow, got no buffer to speak of, minimum/no management facility, good enough to put a plain old printer on the network and full stop. A full blown print server will buffer the job request and release the clients ASAP so there is no waiting, allows jobs priority, allows jobs to be moved in the queue if necessary, allows timed/scheduled release like in the middle of the night.

OP, Windows Server has this built-in, but I can't imagine u can't find anything, this is very basic functionality. U can always buy a dedicated box but somebody say not cheap due to unpopularity, any serious printer is NET capable these days.

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