Question Setting Up Multiple identical displays for Win 10 ASUS Laptop

Apr 19, 2021

I have an ASUS 14" AMD Zephyrus. I also Compose Electronic Music on my Laptop with Ableton Live 11 Suite. Basically there are two screens I can typically rotate between the clips and the arrangement views. I would love to have a dual monitor setup so I can display my win10 Live 11 Application for both screens. How can I accomplish this feat? I'd like to purchase too 27" 2K or 4K Monitors (identical and affordable) to set this up. The screens do not need to be attached to the wall behind my desk but I have never attempted using two monitors for displaying two different screens.

  1. So, Is there recommended monitors for this or do I need special ports for it to work? Straight HDMI to both would be fine.
  2. Can someone explain if this is something Win 10 Home can accomplish with ease on my 2020 14" Asus Zephyrus?
I think it would be fairly straight forward (after toying around with the display settings) and setting up the displays. I assume since I only have one HDMI port I would need some sort of Hub to turn it into two.

Thanks... I hope I gave you the right info without losing you in the explanation. Let me know if you need more system specs, etc...