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Hello folks,

Rod in 2002 posted a message which describes my problem exactly:
>>I am trying to access the setup utility from floppys created by
downloading from the compaq web site. This is on a deskpro 2000
5233mmx. There is no diagnostic partition on the hard drive. When I
load the utility and enter setup I get the message:

>>Compaq plyg and play device not found
Problem: cpqcm.sys is not loaded or is the incorrect version.
Probable cause: Computer setup cannot run without this driver.
Effect: Verify that the line DEVICE=(path)CPQCM>SYS is present in
config.sys, athat the drive and path are correct, and that CPQCM.SYS
is correct version.

>>I checked on the 1st f10 setup diskette and could not find this file,
nor is it in the floppy's config.sys file.
I have some experience with these compaqs, but have never encountered
this problem. Does anyone out there know anything about this?

Anyone familiar with this problem?Neil


Feb 7, 2008
I think you know more than me, but I'll tell my story anyways hoping that it helps.
I had more or less same problem, my compaq is also deskpro, with partition being erased. I downloaded the same file and had same message.
After searching for hows of cpqcm.sys I gave it all up and decided that it was hopeless.
Than I did the followings:
1. By hitting F10 many times I was able to boot with a W98 boot diskette.
2. I copied W2000, I386 to HD, and launched winnt.exe from HD.
3. Sure enough PC got stuck during the reboot of installation.
4. Than I simply replaced the HD with another HD which had Ubuntu 7.04, Feisty already installed, which ran.
5. I changed the HDs again, and the installation of W2000 picked up where it was stuck.
6. Now I have the old Compaq pre-setup screen and W2000 runs OK.

Note: as I mentioned since you seem to know much more than me, I gave the essentials but I'd be happy to furnish details if necessary. Also, I havent had to time to find the files to run correction of the problem in W2000 envirenment to know that too asks the impossible, namely cpqcm.sys

Koca Kelle



Jun 25, 2005
Seems to be an audio driver. If you can't get the file, maybe you can turn off the onboard audio in the bios, and run setup without it?