Severe Computer Problem.

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Jan 21, 2012

I have a Gateway laptop.
Model : PEW91

Yesterday I went to use it like usual and my computer screen started flashing so I decided to restart it thinking it would fix it as it never happened before so I turned it off and rebooted it... when I rebooted it it turned on and turned off on the loading windows screen and repeated in a pattern. Eventually I was able to get it to the "Start manually" or "Starup Repair"

I tried Start manually once and it just loaded to the loading windows screen and once again just shut off and turned on by itself over and over...

I then tried the Startup repair and it showed a screen that said "Windows loading files" and then went to a black screen and was on the black screen for over an hour before I just shut the computer off knowing it wasnt doing anything.

My question is can I do something to fix it? Or is this an internal hard drive failure or failure of some kind? I have searched around the web many times and cant really find anything with the same problem I have but things like it. So if someone can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

* Not sure what category this belongs in as I dont know the exact problem
Not open for further replies.