Shall I trust agressive ads when buying powerbanks ?

Oct 25, 2018
I have been seeing the ads over and over again of the various chargers and powerbanks (i have been searching for a good powerbank for long time I know how google ads and facebook ad works) but recently I found the ads from different projects of so called small powerbanks. I like the idea but the problem is there are no reliable brand to consider. Some of them are not even in the market but just entering the crowdfunding on indiegogo or kickstarter. Shall I consider them to buy ? I never trusted the non existing products and I am really not convinced to order something pay for it and wait for couple of months. But if the wait is worth it.
My phone is: Iphone 7
The powerbanks I am talking about are these: they provide not enough info, shall I trust them?
Are they really trustworthy ? these guys give more info obviously and look more trustworthy but still I am struggling with decision