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[SOLVED] Shared GPU memory question

Jul 3, 2020
I've always wondered what do "Shared GPU memory" in Windows 10 Task Manager means. I know what shared GPU memory is, but my question is this:

I have a discrete GPU installed (GTX 1050 2 GB) and 16 GB of RAM. I know that the integrated graphics of the CPU uses some of the RAM for graphics and stuff when there's no GPU installed, but if I have a standalone graphics card installed then why this keeps showing up in Task Manager, and taking HALF (8 GB) of my RAM, nonetheless? It's not currently allocated for anything (it shows 0% usage), but I wonder what that means? I ask because the BIOS is set to allow only 128 MB of RAM to be taken by the integrated graphics, so why does Task Manager say 8 GB? And second question: does that mean that when the discrete GPU runs out of memory it will use this RAM?