Sharing Printer


Dec 31, 2007
I have a Deskjet 952C connected through USB and I am sharing it on my peer to peer network. I am not able, however, to get my windows 98se computers to install drivers for this printer. Can someone offer a hand with this? I am confused how to install the right drivers on my win2k machine for it to share for 98. Thank you!!!


is the win98 machine able to access files on the win2k? If not then you have to enable the guest account in win2k before 98 will talk to it.

You should be able to add a network printer in win98 and when it prompts you for drivers select 'have disk' and just install the drivers straight off the CD that came with the printer.

Hope this helps, if not please try to be a bit more specific about your problem. What error messages are you getting etc.