Question Should I buy a 3080 now or wait? (advice needed)


Oct 9, 2020
So today I saw this deal on scan uk
ASUS TUF Gaming NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 V2 OC 10GB Ampere Graphics Card LN118738 - TUF-RTX3080-O10G-V2-GAMING | SCAN UK
700 gbp is the best price I've ever seen in the past 2 years for a new 3080 (especially a premium/high quality model like asus tuf)

There was a JaysTwoCents video a couple days ago telling everyone to GO BUY NOW! although he lives in US? I've seen it takes a while for prices in other regions change after it changes in US (<<- I'm not entirely sure if I'm right about this if I am, I'll wait a little more, if not, I'll just buy it anyway) also there were some other YouTubers reacting to his video saying he is completely wrong about the situation
So, is the above a good deal right? with all these 4000 series rumors I've seen on YouTube I'm not quite sure.. gamble & wait or get a 3080 now (I'm definitely going to buy one before October so consider that a deadline for me)
Thanks for reading, these youtubers really confuse me

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a 2060 that is suffering keeping 60 frames, on the other hand I can't allow myself to buy a higher-end card for 1k, I believe no one should do that unless of course it is raining money
I did some investigation to find the price asus set for this card, and damn it is pretty close to msrp

Just pull the trigger hard to say how stock will be with the 4xxx cards and if Jensen pushes them till closer to Dec due to overage of supply right now of 3xxx
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