Question Should I upgrade or keep using my current set?

Abdo shniba

Feb 25, 2012
Hey guys

I hope everyone is doing well,

I have a 5800X , MSI MAG X570 TOMAHAWK WIFI, red devil 6600XT "That's the only card I could get my hands on" , and BQ dark 4 pro.
My ram is 16GB Crucial Ballistix 3600 MHz, everything is working fine I only game and study on this no heavy work load.

the problem is I have an itch to get a 32GB RGB RAM to replace what I have.

the current timing of my RAM are 16-18-18-38.

what I'm planning to get is either a 32GB G.SKILL Trident Z Neo which has a bit looser timing 16-19-19-39 or the same kit with speed of 4000 and 18-22-22-42 Timing, I can get both for the same price.

so my questions are:
  • should I just keep my current RAM and upgrade to a DDR5 platform in the future ?
  • get the G.SKILL 3600 and try to tighten the timings a bit.
  • lastly, get the 4000Mhz ram and try to down clock it to 3800 cl16 or cl15 since both are in the same price range.
sorry for the long post but I really am confused and I've been thinking about this since before black Friday, I know you all get this itch to upgrade for no reason sometimes, so please bare with me.


I don't think you need to spend the money on a ram kit, not at this point of time, not with the sort of tasks that you do(as far as you've mentioned a few words). had you been rendering with CAD related app's or video editing or even having a tonne of tabs on your browser with a tonne of other app's opened up simultaneously then yes the higher ram would benefit you but I don't see you spending that money.

There's also the fact that dropping in XYZ ram kit with higher frequencies might not bring back much returns of your investment, worst case scenario, you're left undervlocking a DDR4-4000Mhz ram kit to something like DDR4-3600Mhz or laxed timings since your platform doesn't like to work with the advertised specs of the ram you're looking into.

My vote, don't bother. Wait while DDR5 matures.
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