Shutdown stuck by adding new Users


Feb 26, 2010
In-laws PC...they won't upgrade OS...was semi-fine with 6 second Shutdowns after Bitdefender Antivirus was installed...UNTIL adding new Users (seperate 'profiles' to allow Tom to have huge Fonts et al, and Jean to see normal-size everything). Now Shutdown doesn't happen. I can use Task Manager (very limited version in Windows ME...yes THAT 'OS') to end-task "livesrv". Then Shutdown proceeds normally. "livesrv" process is NOT in the Task Mgr list until Shutdown is clicked-on. Any thoughts ? ? ?
It's the Bitdefender security update service... what version of it are you using? Is it even Win 9x compatible? Most modern antivirus programs will only run on XP or later (the consumer ones anyway). Why it's starting up on shutdown though, I have no idea. If they don't want to upgrade (which they really, REALLY should... how anyone can live with ME I don't know), you should at least convince them to switch to Windows 2000. It will look almost identical to ME, but it will be a MUCH better OS.


Feb 9, 2010

^ Looks like they do still support Windows 98/ME/NT. Amazing, huh.

Is there a way to disable automatic updates within Bitdefender? +1 to asking which version it is, because later versions might have fixed the problem.

How long have you let it sit there trying to shut down?