Skylake-X 28 Core



Not quite the same as thats from the Purley platform which if for HPC. This is their first HEDT 28 core CPU that will run on LGA 2066 sockets.



No this isn't LGA 2066. This goes on an undisclosed socket with specific motherboards that only at this point in time support a single processor. The Xeon W-3175X has a six channel memory controller of which LGA 2066 only supports 4 channels. Not to mention all LGA 2066 motherboards would be incapable of handling this chips power requirements.

So, how many real PCIe lanes does it have to the CPU. Not the shared lanes of the chipset? It's probably still 44 real PCIe lanes plus 4 lanes shared via DMI. While Threadripper 2 is 60 lanes plus 4 shared. At least AMD is a bit more genuine. Rather than counting all the extra shared lanes of their chipset in the total they just count the number of lanes dedicated to the chipset.

Should be interesting. I wonder how much more they are going to try to charge than Threadripper 2990WX.

The TDP of this Xeon is a killer. That will need some heavy duty cooling. I wonder how many watts it will pull at full Turbo Boost. Since that is generally higher. At 255W, I can't imagine their will be much room for overclocking outside of custom loops and some of the best 280mm and 360mm AIO coolers.



What's definitely new about this is that it's being offered under the Xeon W-series branding. That and the fact that it's unlocked.

Otherwise, it's anyone's guess whether anything under the hood is actually different. One would hope that the IHS is at least soldered.


Sep 23, 2013

Maybe Intel can avoid having too many zeros by pricing it at $9,999.99. :-D

I think the only businesses looking for these kinds of CPUs with overclocking would be financial traders.

Other than that, this is a halo product to steal some of Threadripper's thunder, only used by extreme overclockers and rich people who have to have all the most expensive (computing/gaming) toys.

The rationale behind naming it "Xeon" instead of "i11" probably has to do with the feature set - apart from overclocking - being more akin to the high-end Xeons, and the (probable) server socket it uses. They could have gimped this by removing support for some of the Xeon features, like ECC, but that would have diminished its already tiny niche even further. Now they can charge as much as - or more than - the equivalent regular Xeon by not having removed any functionality.



Um, do you really think they want to risk random blue screens and numerical errors in their models or, worse yet, their trades?

Perhaps you mean high-frequency trading, but I'd expect them to go for even higher-clocked CPUs with fewer cores.

I can definitely see 3D artists overclocking their workstations to get rendering jobs completed sooner, though I think a lot of that is moving to the cloud.


So, we're like a dozen posts in, and no one has yet called Intel on their failure to deliver 28 cores @ 5 GHz.

What’s amazing is that trade-off, this actually being a 5GHz in single-threaded performance frequency and not...having to sacrifice that for this kind of multi-threaded performance, so you've got kind of the best of both worlds. So, you guys want to see us productize that thing? Tell you what, we'll bring that product to market in Q4 this year, and you'll be able to get it.,37244.html

But... but... it doesn't even do 5 GHz on one!!


Dec 22, 2008
So to compete with AMD's Threadripper you need buy yet another new mobo meanwhile you can just swap the 1950X for the 2990WX or wait the more efficient 3990WX based on 7nm Zen2 on your existing X399 mobo