Skyrim Surround sound Issues


Jul 8, 2012
I have an odd issues with my surround sound when playing skyrim, however it does not happen on any other game that supports surround sound.
When I look directly at a NPC i hear absolutely nothing, however looking to the side of the NPC i hear them speaking but not very loudly. Which has led me to believe my center speaker is not being utilized yet skyrim is still outputting 7.1 sound. Skyrim also makes little to no use of my sub and side channels. (tested by turning down every channel except sub, then repeating except for side and once again for center).
I am using the Razer Tiamat 7.1 surround headsets paired with a HT OMEGA Claro II.
Any fixes would be greatly appreciated.
Like i said this issue of the game outputting 7.1 surround channels and my headset only receiving a few only occurs in skyrim, every other game utilizes all of my speakers.


Jan 28, 2006
I have similar sound issues. My 2.1 (headphones) totally ignores certain conversations. I just get the random journal update. On board (gigabyte/realtek) sound card.
afaik, skyrim doesn't like surround sound and realtek boards/chipsets. make sure to get latest drivers for your hardware, it might fix it on the off chance. Otherwise, the only thing you can do is set it to stereo and have the sound board infer surround from that


Feb 17, 2012
+1 To anti zig. I had the same problem for a long time. It will not work if you use a usb hook-up. Realtek 7.1 has a speaker test that plays to each channel. Try doing the test. If it is mute to the non-stereo/surround channels, switch to stereo.